【Specified commercial transactions law】

●Name of the seller/

©︎Tomoko Imashiro

●Name of representative/

Tomoko Imashiro



✉︎Message reception time/


✉︎Mail address/

Please send a message from category of 'Contact me'.

●Home page URL/


●Selling price/

Please contact us first,prices will vary with size and printing technique.

Contact us

●Necessary rate except the product price/

The consumption tax + packing + postage is included all in the rate of the work.

There is not the addition.

●After confirming a deposit/

Once payment is confirmed,Processing will be on the next day.

Made by fine hands, shipping and photo production which needed 2 weeks time.

●methods of payment/

Paypal・Japan bank(Bank of Mi-Zu-Ho)learn more..

●Payment of the expiration date/

Payments are to be made within 7 days, or it will be considered to be cancelled.

●Returned goods.Exchange. Cancel./

Products are order to be made. Photo works are limited together with my signature.Once it's in process ; Cancellation, Exchange or Return Goods are not allowed.

When a work is damaged during transportation,we can change that.About cancellation, please do so in within 24hours (JPT)

Photographer/Tomoko Imashiro

©︎Tomoko Imashiro