My soul is shining everywhere in the world.

I would be so pleased that many people feel it with their ample perspective.

Only those who see the true shine will realise the true meaning of light and shadow.

Based on the Inyo Gogyo Shiso (Wu-Xing Thought) in wide universe,

all things in nature consists of five major elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water that means the universe.

All things also have the positive and negative principles (Yin and Yang).

There are the sun and moon, and the light and shadow are lying there.

I will keep chasing the true light forever.

Special gratitude to my 5000 Facebook friends!

I am very thankful for your always support and feel your warmth every day.

Sincere thanks to

・Dr. Hayashi (Juntendo University Hospital.) who translated it into English for my friends in the whole world.

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