Born in the city of Onomichi (Japan) in 1980,

Tomoko started learning painting and art at the age of four from painter Yuko Hiramatsu, wife of the prominent artist Junpei Hiramatsu.

The last grandchild of the inn's ryo-kann who was run for 170 years in front of Onomichi station

RIP grand mother

A master Japanese chef

grand mother sister

a teacher of Japanese Sha-mi-se-nn

RIP.grand father



A disciple of RIP.Ikuo Hirayama at Tokyo University of the Arts

Japanese painter

Maternal uncle

Professor of brain surgery at Osaka University


Multiple publications

Following her graduation from the Onomichi Higashi High School, she received a graduate degree from Vantan Design Institute in Tokyo where she studied oil painting, watercolour, printmaking, ceramics, calligraphy, and ikebana.

She also briefly attended the Yamano Beauty College.

Tomoko’s main forte is in the area of the drawing, particularly of architectural drafting.

Since 2014, she has also been working as a photographer based in Tokyo, specialising in Black & White photography.

She uses light and shadows to explore the themes of this earth, the environment, and the Creator.

Tomoko Imashiro aims for the transparency at the heart of light's three primary colours, and devotes herself to bringing to life the unseen beauties and details hidden in the simplicities of our surroundings.


international psychoanalysis(oversea web site)

Photo friday 江戸切子を使用した作品


(株)写真弘社 (株)芸術写真

ARTGRAPH galleryより

写真家、photo adviserとしてdébut






Solo début exhibition.


at ART GRAPH gallery





NYC B/w my work.


第21回 日本有明総合医療学会 | 撮影記録係


【 E N C L O S E D 】


- Last Exhibition in Japan.


-1st Photo Book

【 E N C L O S E D 】

Rimited 300

●2018. 2. 12


【 E N C L O S E D 】

- at hometown


2018. 8 .1 -

尾道親善観光大志 任命



-2018 , 11 , 21

某 アスリートコーチ Website 宣材撮影

ー 2018 , 12 , 2

WORLD CUP Rugby開催地 撮影

Supported by 歯科医師会

ー 2018 , 12 , 14

● AREAINN FUSHIMI-Cho at Fukuyama, Hiroshima.

Exclusivephotographer of REIDEX Co.,Ltd.

(Takumi Akashi専属契約)

⚫︎ https://areainn.jp/fushimicho/

ー 2019, 2, 1

NPO New York 本部

【平和の鐘を守る会 】

● 正会員 推薦認定


ー 2019, 6 ,13

⚫︎ T.A.C gallery 龍玄 at Kyoto. (完全予約制)

 Paris photography 展示.