ー 2018

mysterious Japanese traditional.

ー 11,November,2017

ー 11, November ,2017

A midnight alley of that quiet Paris.

The alley in Paris calms to my mind.

The moment is as me.

Beautiful alley. loves quiet alone.

ー  mysterious light in the darkness 2018

ー 11, November, 2017

A raining day at Paris.

ー 2018

Melancholy drifts. It tells of her feelings.

ー 11, November, 2017

A smoking man | Paris, France

ー 2017. Paris, France

November 11, 1918.

German surrender and the end of the First World War.

On November 11th is a day to memorize soldiers of war.

ー 2018

Japanese tradition. Kimono sexuality.

ー 2017, Ginza, Tokyo

Show me the magical of shadow | 婀娜

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